Free download of online videos from Facebook

Getfvid is one of the best tools available online to convert Facebook videos to MP4 (video) or MP3 (audio) files and download them for free. This service works for computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Just enter the URL in the text box provided and click the download button to download the video in an accessible format.

Our site is free and does not require any software or registration.

Have fun and enjoy using our site.

How do I use Facebook?
Copy the video URL from FB
Paste the URL in the box above
Click “Download” to save the FB video
See tutorial: How to download videos from Facebook.

How do I use the Chrome extension to upload videos to Facebook?

First, add the Getfvid (Facebook Video Downloader) plugin to your browser.
Next, you can go to the specific Facebook page that contains the video file you want.
When you get to the page, you will see a green “Download” button (HD or SD). You need to click on it. You will automatically be returned to the download page where you can save the video.
How to download a private video from Facebook?
If you want to download private Facebook videos, you can do it with a private video downloader like Usually, it can only be downloaded by those who view the video code. With this tool, you can record a video and still maintain your privacy. Of course, you should always respect the copyright of the videos you download.

Where are Facebook videos stored once uploaded?

When you download the files, they are usually stored in the default folder you have set. Normally, your browser sets this folder for you. You can change and manually select a destination folder for the Facebook videos you upload in your browser settings.

Can I download Facebook Live videos?

Once you are done streaming, you can easily save FB live videos to your device using the Getfvid Chrome Downloader plugin for Facebook videos.

Does Getfvid save the downloaded video or a copy of it?

Getfvid does not store videos. We also do not store a copy of the downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on Facebook’s servers. In addition, we do not track the download history of our users, which makes the use of Getfvid completely anonymous.



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